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Samiah International Builders

Samiah International Builders Melrose Square real estate association has amazed the market by building the best housing place project in Vrindavan Yojna region of Lucknow. This organization is offering premium apartments of best quality. These apartments are all set for moving in purpose. The amenities offered by this company and housing complex are a playground for the children, and a nice green garden, 24-hour security, car parking and much more. The location has the benefit of other services like hospital, banking, ATM, petrol pump, bus station, school, railway station, restaurant, play school etc., at a very short distance. The price of the apartments is depended on the request value. less

Listing By this Company

Melrose Square

icon-5.png Vrindavan Yojana, Lucknow,

₹ 4500000

Samiah Melrose Square

icon-5.png Vrindawan Yojana, Lucknow,

₹ 60Lac Onwords