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About Us

A sought after name in reality today, penetrated the real estate arena with a full bang launched Ghardhudho – a real estate consultancy firm. At Ghardhudho, we have always encouraged “different thinking” when it comes to spaces and that is why today, we are featured amongst the leading and trustworthy real estate brands in the country.

When there was a major gap between the buyers & sellers when it came to real estate service providers, buyers wanted to believe in someone whose services they could trust and builders wanted someone to sell and market their projects so that they could focus on building projects. Property brokers were the only hope for buyers at the time, but definitely not the best. Ghardhudho realized the dire need of reliable real estate professionals and not just mere brokers to bridge that gap between buyers and sellers. These professionals are here to address the queries and apprehensions of the buyers, serve them with a property catalogue, guide them through the available options, offer them the best price and deals on behalf of recognized builders and making the process of buying and acquiring the property smooth while safeguarding buyers’ interests.

Since then, Ghardhudho’s milestones are evident from the impressive performance statistics that they have achieved. Since its commencement, Ghardhudho has been recognized for its emphasis on providing excellence in quality, service, delivery, value, sustainability, teamwork and transparency -the best proof to Ghardhudho’s work and focus on excellence. We have bulk number of clients who trust us blindly and one most important thing is that that they repeatedly return to us because of our work, support and accountability.

Ghardhudho’s name has been chosen with a vision to find a home where you could feel closeness with your loved ones. With the same motive in mind we want to establish ourselves by making strong relationships with all our customers and the business members. For us, our clients are our god and client service persons are the devotees and together we are here to grow together like a grand family.

With the successive passing years we have chained a vast network all over India and it is through this wide and versatile network we are able to cater to everyone’s diverse requirements. We strongly believe in educating our customers about the dynamic and fluctuating Indian market. You can rest assured because we are here to educate and guide you accordingly to fulfill your requirements. We are here to deal with the most organized people with complete transparency in the entire process because we believe that there should be clear information and straight honest and transparent communication.


Our Mission

“There is an obvious chance that deficiency in transparency will lead to distrust among my customers and if our customer doesn’t have faith in us and our brand, then that isn’t the kind of company we want to own at any point of time.”

Since its inception, Ghardhudho has managed to instill immense belief in its clients. After successfully delivering many real estate projects in all their glory, Ghardhudho is proud to declare that every deal that it has had with the customers has always been unadulterated, with no hidden costs in the process. We have an eye for detailing, whether it is in terms of construction quality of the houses or the way our management is trained to serve you. Our mantra is complete honesty, and we have sworn to chant it till the very end of time itself!