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This is to declare that all facts and figures given in this agreement is true to the best of my knowledge and we have tried our best to make it accurate. All the precautions regarding writing, editing and publication in the advertisement about the real properties have been taken seriously but even then by mistake or due to ignorance if any fault, typographical error, confusing and misleading data is found in the said advertisement which may result some losses of money, losses of social respect, dispute between the concerned owners and legal consequences among any or all so called property owners, for which writer, designer, editor or publisher will not be responsible for any such implications because all the discription about the piece of land, plot, flat, shop or / and independent house in the advertisement through this advertisement portal can be given by any agent, dealer, authorise persons or owners and hence this is clearly and strictly adviced that any or all sellers and/or purchasers should go to the concerned Government Agency for the checking of title deed clearance and for the disclosure of any or all dues, lien  and the legal disputes on the said property for this again employees and owners of the website or company will not be responsible in any manner. This is also to declare that this advertisement has been given with a condition that any dipute arising between the company or website owner and the person who has given the advertisement will be treated purely civil in nature and will be subject to the Lucknow Jurisdiction only.