2.25 Bigha Agricultural Land For Sale In Lucknow

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    2.25 Bigha Agricultural Land For Sale In Lucknow

    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
    • 2.25 Plot Size()
  • ₹ 3.70 Cr. Only

  • 2.25 Bigha Agricultural Land For Sale In Lucknow

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Property Short Description

  • Property Type: Agricultural
  • Plot Size: 2.25
  • Development Status: Unfinished
  • Sub Property type: Agricultural Land
  • Availiblity Status: Open
  • Possession Status: Ready to Move

Basic Amenities

  • Dommer Road

Property Legal Information

  • Land Use Changed: Agricultural Land Use
  • Registered in Bhulekh/Khatauni: Registered in Bhulekh

Property Description

2.25 Bigha Agricultural Land For Sale In Lucknow. Total land area is 2.25 Bigha and surrounded by boundary wall. Seller's demand is Rs.3.70 cr. of whole land. Investing in agricultural land in Lucknow, the capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, can offer several compelling benefits. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Steady Appreciation: Agricultural land in Lucknow has shown a consistent appreciation in value over the years. The city's strategic location, coupled with ongoing infrastructure development projects, contributes to the upward trend in land prices. As the demand for land increases due to urbanization and population growth, investors can potentially benefit from capital appreciation.

  2. Fertile Soil and Favorable Climate: Lucknow is situated in the fertile Gangetic plains, known for their rich alluvial soil. The region experiences a favorable climate for agriculture, making it suitable for a variety of crops. Investors can capitalize on the agricultural potential of the land by engaging in farming activities or leasing it to local farmers.

  3. Government Initiatives: The government of Uttar Pradesh has been actively promoting agricultural development through various initiatives. Schemes related to irrigation, crop diversification, and infrastructure development can positively impact agricultural productivity. Investors may benefit from government support programs and incentives.

  4. Rising Demand for Real Estate: Lucknow has witnessed significant growth in its real estate sector, driven by increasing industrialization and urbanization. As the city expands, there is a growing demand for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Agricultural land in strategic locations may see conversion to non-agricultural use, presenting investors with opportunities for development and higher returns.

  5. Diversification of Investment Portfolio: Investing in agricultural land provides diversification benefits for investors. Agricultural assets often exhibit low correlation with traditional financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds. Including agricultural land in a diversified portfolio can help mitigate overall investment risk.

  6. Potential Rental Income: Investors can generate income by leasing the agricultural land to local farmers. With proper management and tenant selection, this can provide a steady source of rental income. Additionally, leasing the land for farming activities ensures its productive use while allowing investors to benefit from the agricultural economy.

  7. Long-Term Investment Stability: Agricultural land investments are often considered long-term and stable. While other asset classes may experience short-term volatility, agricultural land tends to be less susceptible to market fluctuations, providing a relatively stable investment option.

  8. Environmental and Social Impact: Investing in agricultural land supports environmental conservation and sustainable practices. It contributes to the preservation of green spaces, promotes biodiversity, and fosters sustainable farming methods. Investors interested in socially responsible investing may find agricultural land investment aligns with their values.

Before making any investment decisions, it is crucial for investors to conduct thorough research, consider local regulations, and consult with financial and legal professionals to ensure a well-informed investment strategy.

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